Common Challenge

Facility Management is time consuming, and time is what you need to focus on maintaining and growing your business. So much is involved in tracking the life and health of the equipment and materials that make up your facility. Reviewing current energy usage in order to identify the best energy management solutions to control energy consumption requires signficant time and expertise. Strict discipline is needed to keep a regular schedule in order to maintain the performance and efficiency of your property. Planning for large expenditures requires significant time and thought. Do you have that extra time?

Additionally, standards and technology continue to evolve. Do you have the resources to stay abreast of key events or technology advancements that could affect your investment?

A facility will also require the attention of a variety of licensed technicians. Which local contractor should be used? Do they have the necessary licenses and insurance? How have they performed in the past?

The CFS Solution

r Dedicated staff to focus on your property needs 
r Knowledgeable staff focused on energy rebates/incentives and technology advancements that can benefit commercial property owners
r Facility health assessment and continued monitoring
r Information transparency through monthly, quarterly and yearly reports
r Proven preventative maintenance schedules to get optimized performance and life on your investment
r Vendor administration for specialized trades to ensure satisfying results


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Our services


Preventative Maintenance

Regular maintenance schedule required to sustain the health of your facility for items such as Lighting, Air Filtration and Safety...

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Energy Conservation

Reviewing current energy consumption and equipment in order to identify opportunities to reduce and control energy consumption...

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Facility Management and Administration

An administrative umbrella that covers your facility by assessing and monitoring the health status, scheduling inspections and managing specilized 3rd party services when needed...

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